GlomaP-Z User Testmonials:

"Your demonstration of a Field Mapping System (GlomaP-Z) here at Chevron park ... was very successful. ... We were all impressed with the remarkable reliability of ... software, FMS's ease of use, and FMS's focus on linking remote sensing, cartography, and GPS to improve efficiency in the field and office".

         Jim Ellis - Supervisor of Remote Sensing Group - Chevron

"GlomaP-Z makes field mapping become a truly 'one-phase' field activity and therefore improves field mapping efficiency and quality control mechanism."

"With the GIS mapping capabilities GlomaP-Z supplies, the users can immediately display the results of field data collection, and hence conveniently conduct an on-site date review and quality control process. Furthermore, by utilizing the image processing module in GlomaP-Z one can introduce satellite images or airphoto into the field mapping process as a valuable addition to the reference source. A full spectrum of image rectification and analysis tools are available in the GlomaP-Z package."

"GlomaP-Z leaves users with a very good and neat impression regarding the speed of the display system and overall user friendly GUI."

         GIS Manager of a prestigious university in US

"GlomaP-Z ... could be very useful for helping make the field work part of projects more efficient. ... help ... field work in forest and rangelands areas where it often takes considerable time to find your location on a paper map. ... The ability to apply image processing program to scanned airphoto or satellite imagery right in the field is another good feature."

         Bill Kramber - Senior Remote Sensing Specialist
         Idaho Water Resource Department

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