GRASS-XMI User Testmonials:

""it was very very easy to install, and the complete package with GRASS including GRASS source code and sample data and the X/Motif interface software makes it really easy for a complete GRASS newbie to get started."

         An GIS Expert and one of influential Linux activists

"Thank you for your help and "dedicatedness" (I am not sure the word exists). GRASS-XMI looks great."

         Paul-Marie Boulanger, Ottignies, Belgium

"I like the GRASS-XMI interface as it is presented on your web site... seems to be a thoughtful layout, ..." "It (GRASS-XMI) really makes some of the tedious command line operations (such as zooming in and out) much, much easier. Also, they have created a very nice interface to r.mapcalc (Map Calculator in GRASS-XMI) that makes map algebra a much more pleasant task."

         Jeff Hollenbeck, New Mexico State University, USA

"I have installed, supported and used GRASS for many years. In the past, the installation required a fair amount of expertise and the system was not really well packaged. The user interface through xgrass was never really completed and did not nearly show the potential of the excellent computational GIS modules in GRASS.

GPZ Technology has solved these two problems with GRASS -- installation and user interface -- with an outstanding product: GRASS-XMI. GRASS-XMI can be installed by anyone. The rewritten user interface code is robust, well thought-out, and efficient.

The GIS community can now get a commercial grade, full-featured version of GRASS that can be installed and used quickly and effectively -- out of the box -- at a cost that is very reasonable. Anyone considering or now using GRASS should evaluate GRASS-XMI."

         Dr. John Kapenga, Dept. of Computer Science
        Western Michigan University, USA

"As a new GRASS user I found GRASS-XMI very helpful. It does a good job in eliminating time consuming and error-prone manual entry of Grass commands. It saves me a lot of time when I want to repeat the same command with different data sets. I really like the UNDO feature in the display programs."

         a new GRASS-XMI user.

"I have been using GRASS4.1.3 for some time. I think it is a powerful GIS software, but before I installed the GRASS-XMI, a friendly GUI for GRASS, the sophisticated command lines gave me a big headache. I recommend to those users who don't like command lines to try to use the interface.... If you know the command lines well, working with GRASS-XMI should be easier for you and save you much time. If you are a new user of GRASS, you can obtain even more benefits from GRASS-XMI."

         Ping Jiang, Indiana State University, USA

"I'd like to reiterate about XMI being a huge advance over the command GRASS command line... We've also found them to be a pleasure to deal with."

         Tavis Rudd, Otago University, New Zealand

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