GlomaP-ZTM - The Field Mapping System for LINUX
GlomaP-Z is "The Swiss Army Knife of Field and Desktop Mapping Systems" TM

What is GlomaP-Z?
GlomaP-Z is a very powerful, full featured field mapping system designed to run on Intel PC desktops and laptops running the LINUX operating system. It is a configurable software package that can be customized for many map-making tasks. Typical applications include creating a travel map for personal use, updating existing maps using satellite imagery or airphotos, using a database to store and retrieve information associated with a location on the map, e.g. latitutude/longitude, elevation, landmark, tourist site, etc. Because it can run on a portable laptop computer, the tasks mentioned above can all be accomplished in the field.

When used with a GPS receiver, GlomaP-Z can rectify satellite or aerial imagery in the field. You can also use the system for simple navigation purposes.

What can GlomaP-Z do for you?

  • Display up to 128 images of any size simultaneously, each with up to 256 vector map layers;
  • Determine your position in the field in real-time;
  • Display the coordinates in a text window;
  • Display the position on an image and/or a digital map that are displayed on your laptop computer;
  • Record/retrieve information in a database in a tabular form or in a notepad file;
  • Annotate your findings, measurements, etc. on the image and/or the digital map using drawings, bitmaps and text strings;
  • Manipulate/edit/rectify the image and/or the digital map during the field work; and
  • Identify spatial attributes (patterns, features etc.) on the image using the software and verify the processing result while you are still in the field thereby saving time and additional expenses.
  • With the addition of GPZ customized, add-in software packages, GlomaP-Z can be connected to an imaging device for real-time processing of captured image data. When combined with wireless communications, GlomaP-Z can become a powerful tool in the hands of military, public safety and law enforcement personnel.

GlomaP-Z is especially useful in areas where no maps exist. With its full image processing functionality, GlomaP-Z brings full desktop image processing power into a mobile unit. In this way, a digital map can be created while you are still in the field.
GlomaP-Z can conveniently exchange data with many common file formats, including DXF, DLG, and TIFF. Accordingly, your previous investment in hardware, software and data need not be lost. Although GlomaP-Z probably has enough power and flexibility to handle all your mapping needs, it can also function as a nice supplement to your existing mapping systems.
Other Platforms Supported: SPARC and X86 running Solaris 2.x operating systems

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