GPZ TECHNOLOGY offers cutting-edge consulting, software design, and system integration primarily in the areas of GIS/GPS mapping, remote sensing and image processing. Assignments can be handled at the client's place of business, or at our facilities, or both. Some organizations that have utilized our services include: Argonne National Lab; the Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC), Hohenfels, Germany; Kern & Co. Ltd. Switzerland; the Chinese Academy of Science;Panorama Research; and Guangdong Image Engineering Center.
Available Services-- Consulting/Software Development/System Integration
Software Consulting/Design   
To support increasing demand for photovoltaic production and solar cell inspection, GPZ has developed a few sophisticated solar cell defect detection algorithms. The algorithms were especially useful in detecting defects such as micro cracks, saw mark, surface/subsurface contamination, etc. that are not visible by naked eyes. In addition, our algorithm enables an inspection system to work on two wafers simultaneously, that effectively double the inspection throughput. GPZ can provide custom solutions to suit your specific needs.

GPZ can provide customized software packages or simple programs for client mapping problems. These can have a variety of scales using GIS, GPS and remote sensing technologies. Solutions can be vector-based, raster-based, or combined vector/raster based capable of interchanging data with other major commercial products.
Custom Design of Database Management Systems   
These can be tailored to meet client needs using commercial DBMS or our GPZ convenient DBMS solutions.
Turnkey System Integration   
GPZ can provide guidance in integrating a turnkey system for mapping needs. We can define hardware and software components, develop additional software components, and provide installation and training services.
Image Measurement/Classification/Registration   
This work is done with GPZ proprietary algorithms.
Expanding Markets in East Asia   
GPZ existing customer base and other connections can serve as an entry or expansion of business in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea. With Asia booming, many industries like IT, minerals, term deposits, finance and even tourism are rushing to get involved in the area. It is an exciting time to be a part of the region and GPZ are lucky enough to have a stable footing here and we hope expand even further.
Data Format Conversions   
GPZ provides services for converting data formats between AutoCAD DXF files and other data formats.

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