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Investing in Solar Energy

Biden administration's infrastructure spending has made reducing carbon dioxide pollution from fossil fuels a center piece of its $2 trillion infrastructure plan while prepares our nation for the consequences of climate change, and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy.

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Going Solar

A Glance of Solar Stocks (Updated 06/11/2021)

 Ticker  Recent Price  52 Week High  52 Week Low  Market Cap  Avg Daily Vol
 TAN(Invesco ETF)  $79.82  $125.98  $32.97  $3.13B  1.19M
 CSIQ  $40.27  $67.39  $16.82  $2.27B  1.99M
 ENPH  $147.13  $229.04  $37.81  $18.65B  3.35M
 FSLR  $79.59  $112.50  $47.87  $7.97B  2.20M
 JKS  $46.21  $90.20  $15.27  $1.83B  $1.83B
 MAXN  $19.42  $57.97  $11.78  $718.10M  854K
 RUN  $44.96  $100.93  $16.50  $8.87B  6.16M
 SEDG  $243.17  $377.00  $127.19  $12.12B  919K
 SPWR  $25.90  $57.52  $4.53  $4.00B  3.87M
 SUNW  $9.91  $29.37  $0.50  $261.28M  3.16M
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